Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Away From You

I thought up this poem while doing the dishes one day. A little later, I transfered it from my brain to my note book. And then after that, it came on to this blog, where you are reading it.

A strong recurring dream of you,
Is what's keeping me up these days.
And don't think I can get through,
Unless I catch a rocket to space.

So I run away to the furtherest place,
To try and keep you out of my head.
But I know I can not win this race,
If I don't let you catch up instead.

And out of the deep blue, I see,
Around me bearing down.
All through the clouds, it's just me,
At the end of the cliff-hanging town.

If I'll just let go and let you come,
Is what a part me still cries out.
You keep me from kingdom-come,
And "Away from me!" is what I shout.

But the further I get away from you,
The more it hurts me in my sleep.
All I need is a chance or two,
Because they said "You sow what you reap."

It's about running away from responsibilities, and their consequences. Kinda.