Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Help Me Up

Now, I don't usually write any poetry. And the little that I do stays right there in my note book. Safely where no one can see. But recently, I've been writing a fair bit more, and I think it's time I get out of the "closet" with this.

Why do we fall?
How can I stop?
What's the use of it all?
Can't get over the top.

How can you say,
"It'll be okay."
What's wrong with me?
Why can't I see?

You stretch your hand,
To help me up.
But by a rubber band,
I'm all tied up.

But you said,
"It'll be okay."
Just get it out of my head,
And I think I'll stay.

You help me up,
And brush me down.
Then fill my cup,
Without a frown.

And now I can see,
Why we do fall.
Or we may be,
Not helped at all.

There, thats it. Now I know the rhyme scheme is different on the second stanza. But forgive that little anomaly. Please?

1 comment:

Peter Edwards said...

i loved that... it actually tells the story of my life and alot of the things i'm struggling with at the moment...

my parents recently lost all faith in me for a personal slip up, and i don't know why they help me up...
I'm actually awe-struck...

stay out of the closet man, i want more!