Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bad Weather

On the bike- The ride started of well enough, Arun zipped through the traffic, cutting in between cars, buses, other bikes... I was not really scared, but still I've never really agreed with Arun's driving. And we were making good time. I started to hope that we would be back in time for me to finish up my chores before dinner. Then, some thing happened that I was hoping would not. It started to rain. Heavily. "I told you it would rain! I never get a prediction wrong." Declared Arun. I just tried to get the umbrella out as fast I could. Which is by no means easy, if your in the rain, on a bike, and that too driven by some one like Arun. "Let me get my umbrella out!" I shouted over the the noise of the rain, which was more like a down pour by now.
"Don't you want to enjoy the first rains of the monsoon?"
"I don't mind the rain, but my books and your mobile won't" Arun stopped smiling. That did the trick. He pulled over and let me pull the umbrella out of my bag. Then he handed me his mobile and wallet.
"Put them in the polythene bag with your books" He said when I just held them in my hand. Oh... I put them in my bag, then opened up the umbrella, got back on the bike, and he slowly pulled away. The umbrella only helped a little in stopping the rain. Though I was quite safe behind Arun, he got the brunt of the rain. We reached the main road, and were getting close to the college. Though the rain hadn't let up at all, I was still pretty well of, the rain only got to my feet. But I still thought I was getting too wet, until I looked over at a couple of guys on a bike we went past. They were soaked from head to toe, the driver crouched low, squinting through the rain. And his passenger was trying to hide as much as he could from the rain behind his partner, and it wasn't really working. I didn't feel all that wet anymore.
Finally we arrived at the school, soaking wet and hoping that the whole thing would end. Even Arun's usually upbeat attitude was looking a bit damp. "What's that crowd doing by the gate?" I wondered aloud, but I didn't know if I wanted the answer. Arun walked over to the gate, me tagging along behind him. We pushed though the crowd, and finally reached a place where a couple of guards were blocking the way. "What's happening?" I asked the guard. "Examinations. No one is allowed in." Great, now what. "We just need to get to the open school office!" The guard looked at us in a funny way. A man next to us said, "I all ready tried that." "There's nothing we can do now." Arun said, and I knew he wanted to go back home. So, with a deep sigh, I said, "Very well, let's go back." We trudged back to the bike, slouching and disappointed. Then Arun said, "At least it stopped raining" I looked up at the sky, and the clouds were just clearing out. The sun was shining through the new openings in them, and the day looked much better for it. At least the weather is not too bad, I thought as we rode home. The wind had dried out my hair and most of my upper body, and the sun was allready warming my head. I was feeling a little better now, but I would have to go back again soon, and finish the registration. I hope next time, there won't be any bad weather.