Sunday, August 31, 2008


If you are wondering why I am taking so long to post, let me explain. I am going through what I like to call a 'temporary creativity lapse'. I am sorry to to say that the creative juices are harder to squeeze out than normal. So, bare with me until this... lapse, passes. And then enjoy the literature!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bad Weather

Rumble. There it goes again. the clouds were preparing for quit a show, and had been floating above the city for a while now.
"Take an umbrella with you, it looks like it might rain."
"Yes, mum"
"And don't take too long hanging around, I want you back by three, okay?
"Yes, mum"
I know she meant well, but it does get a bit annoying, after all, I am seventeen years old. I went to my room to get my stuff, which consisted of my prospectus, wrapped in a plastic bag, my wallet, a note book and a pen. All dumped in my backpack. "I'm going with Arun" I said as I left the house, "I don't want to take the bus." My mother smiled as she said "That's nice of him, I hope it's not too much trouble." "Don't worry mum! We'll be fine." Julius was lazing on the floor of the kitchen. "Yeah, see you too," he just cocked an ear. I turned to leave and then mum said, "look! You forgot your umbrella!" Oops. "Here, and I hope you haven't forgotten anything else." I took the umbrella saying, "thanks to you I haven't." And with a final smile, I was off.
I walked over to a small shop by the main road. Sitting at the counter was a middle aged man, with graying hair. He smiled and said, "Arun said you would be coming, have a seat." He said, motioning to a stool by the counter. "He should be ready soon." I sat down, hoping that I wouldn't have to wait too long. "How's the match going?" I said, trying to start a conversation with Arun's father. He grimaced "Cricket? I don't watch that stuff any more, not for a long time." I really did not know what else to say, how's business these days? Not likely. A few minutes of silence later, Arun finally came out of the back room. "Hey Raj, sorry I'm a bit late, had to finish some stuff that came up. " He was a lanky college student who, since he had a bike, sometimes helped me with my transportation. I guess he gets bored, why else would he ferry me around? "Maybe you could give me a warning next time?" He just smirked it of, don't ask my how. "C'mon, aren't you late?" I got up to leave. Thanks to you I am. Arun drove a semi sports bike, or at least that's what he says. It was a bright red... thing. I'm not the kind of guy who sticks posters of bikes on his bedroom wall, or goes through car or bike magazines. Not me. "So, ready for a ride in the rain?" Arun called to me. "What? Rain?" I looked up at the sky, boy, it does look like it might rain. "Yeah, can't you smell it?" Arun said as he started the bike. "I never get a rain prediction wrong." "then go join the weather channel, you'll make a killing." I muttered as I got on the bike.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Bad Weather

'Raju! Wake up! Or you won't get any breakfast.' What? morning so soon? I looked over to the clock on my bed, 7:56. It really is late. "Last warning! Out now or I'll give your food to Julius! The warning was well heard, and I crawled out of bed. Julius was not going to get my breakfast again. I got dressed as fast as I could and hurried to the kitchen, where a plate of scrambled eggs was waiting for me. 'Not this time, Julius.' I said to a black rottweiler sitting by the counter. 'You know, I shouldn't have to resort to threatening you with Julius to get you out of bed.' Said my mom, the only other person living in our little apartment. 'Yes, I know, but I didn't get much sleep last night.' I said through mouth fulls of egg.
'Another dream?'
'About the exam?'
'Well, we're going to get you signed up today, then you can really start worrying about it.'Funny how mothers seem to be able to read your mind.
'I still need to get some stuff for the documents.'
'Very well, do it on the way to the office'
After breakfast, I took a ride on an old blueline to the city. My stop was at a large building, signboards filled the spaces over glass walls, jewelers, travel agents, electronics, clothing, photo studios. Photo studios, thats where I was headed. The studio wasn't much, just a small front room, full of film rolls, cheap disposable cameras, and there was a board full of sample photos for passports, weddings, stuff like that. there was T.V in one corner, and the shopkeeper was watching a cricket match. 'Kya chaiay ?' What do you want. He asked me, still watching the T.V. 'Ek photocopy, aur ek passport size ka photo'
'Thik hai, undher jao,' ok, go inside. I'll just translate everything else into English for now. I walked into a small room with one wall covered by a blue cloth. There was a professional looking camera on a stand, and in front of it was a wooden stool.
'Sit there,' said the shopkeeper, pointing at the stool. 'Ok, now, sit straight, no smile.' Click, flash. The sudden light from the flash blinded me for a few seconds, 'do you want another one?' I shook my head, 'no, one is enough.'
'Ok, sit out side, and I will get your photocopy also.' A minute later, the shopkeeper came out of back room with my photocopy. 'Here, that will be fifteen rupees,' 'how have they been doing?' I asked as fished out the money from my pocket. 'Who? India? No, the match is not going well, were five wickets down, and we need about one hundred and twenty more runs'
'They still have some hope, Dhoni is batting' I paid him the money, and left the store. The rumble of thunder greeted me, I looked up at the sky, those clouds weren't there before, looks like rain.

to be continued...